Picky! Yes I know my title is not two words as per normal, rather it is four. However in this case I am not going to apologize. No, it is four words because it has to be to get the message across. I admit I could use a couple of expletives that would get the same message across pretty succinctly too, but despite being very tempting, I am going to keep this blog seemly.

Anyway back to the topic! Sticking up for ourselves is not something the man and I are very good at. We are the sort of people who prefer not to make a fuss; not to complain. Yes, we let a lot of things slide, preferring to move on and leave unfortunate incidents behind. I think this is a very Kiwi thing – no one likes a whinger after all.*

Having said this, there is a time and a place when sticking up for yourself is the only option. Hard as it is, it is sometimes by far the best thing to do.

And twice recently we have been in situations exactly like this. Both times we have thought long and hard about whether we were being fair and when we decided we were, whether sticking up for ourselves was the best way forward for us. Both times we have decided it was.

Now this isn’t a blog where I name and shame people/companies. No, the message is simply by standing up for ourselves, we got heard. We kept our self respect.

And more importantly we maybe saved someone else from having to go through the same thing.

Fighting the good fight. It might be damn hard, but there is definitely a place for it.

*To those who know me well, you will be shaking your head and saying “well, you may not whinge exactly, but you do dissect it to death”. I do. I apologize!