In mid-2015 this blog began because the man and I wanted to adopt a  more meaningful- to-us lifestyle. At that time we were in our mid- late fifties with our children having flown the coop, so we thought the timing was spot on.

We set ourselves a target of two years to change our lives and to make sure we kept to it, we stated the timeframe on our blog ‘ Skidding towards retirement’. Multiple times.

Back then we did have some ideas of what needed to change: we wished to work less to increase the quality of our life.  And yes, we did have some thoughts about how we could achieve the less work bit and what the other things we wished to do were, but even then we were aware that this journey could well take us in a completely different direction. Having said this,  we figured as long as we were happy with the outcome, it was a total win  anyway!

In January 2017, eighteen months after publicly proclaiming for the first time that we were going to change our lifestyle, we left our city existence and moved to a small lifestyle block 25 minutes drive from our nearest urban centre of Whangarei (pop 56,000).

The posts being published now are no longer about the journey we went through to leave our old lives behind, but about us coming to grips with country life and trying to walk as gently as we can upon this Earth by living as simply and as ethically as possible.

We invite you through this blog to read of our exploits.