In just a smidgen short of a calendar month we will be leaving Auckland and moving up north.

The man and I can’t wait. It feels like it has been a long time coming, but in the scheme of things it probably isn’t at all. It’s just that we are ready to go.

Meanwhile our days  are spent sorting through our worldly belongings, dividing them into the three piles of keep, chuck, and gift. It is at this stage that we give thanks that we are not hoarding folk!

Our conversations are full of  questions.  A tractor, a  ride-on or gator?  Or maybe all three? Sheep or alpaca? And if sheep, are they destined for a long life or the freezer? And can I cope with the latter thought? How many hens? What more do we need in the orchard? And how big should the vege patch be?

Our reading is now NZ Lifestyle Block. Our internet browsing is TradeMe. The farm implement bit.

And the Seek website. Because I am still applying for jobs. Sort of.

You see, I have other priorities. I want to paint the house interior and get stuck into the garden. Yes, I may be way too busy for that paid work lark for a while.

I’m not going to fret and worry though, there is enough in the kitty for the foreseeable. And besides, I have a feeling that the elusive job will turn up exactly when I need it!