I’m waiting.

I’m getting pretty good at it. And so is the man.

I’m waiting to hear about a choice job I was interviewed for on Monday.* Will I get it or won’t I?

I’m waiting for the first open home for our house this weekend. Will a buyer walk through the door with a pre-auction offer too good to ignore?

I’m waiting to view a house the man and I fell in love with on the internet and will see next week. Will this be our new home or not?


If I get the job, I will be the luckiest girl alive.  If I don’t, all is not lost, I will join their volunteer programme. Oh, yeah, and I will land a paying job somewhere. Eventually.

If the man and I get a brilliant offer on our home this weekend, we will be rapt. If not, no problem; a buyer will turn up. They always do.

If the house the man and I fell in love with in the cyber realm is as good in real life and becomes ours –  brilliant! If it doesn’t, there will be another dream house out there. That’s what happens.

Meanwhile the man and I are packing. Our new life in Whangarei beckons.

*I am referring to the hospice job. I missed out on the library job. I think this is a good thing. After 39 years, it’s time for a new career that makes my heart sing!