So I’ve done it.

I’ve handed in my notice. I have done this without a job to go to.

I should be terrified, right?  Well, I’m not. I feel light and optimistic. I also feel free.

I have been interviewed for one job and am waiting to hear. Things move slowly up north. I have also applied for a job in a hospice. It has immense appeal.

Regardless, I know things will work out just dandy, thank you.

Of course, we have sold the rental and this means we are completely debt free.  It has taken us 38 years to get here so in our eyes, it is monumental. Not to belabour the point, it is a glorious feeling.

Next week our house goes on the market ready for the move to Whangarei.

We are looking at real estate. We have our list of what we want. We’ve now got to find it. And I have no doubt we will.

And I’ve finished the rewrite of my book. It may not be Cowley or Mahy, but I am pleased.

Lots of change happening. And it is exciting.

Onwards and upwards.