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July 2016

Perfecting patience

In my last post, Making progress, I shared that the man and I were now making the necessary changes to make our desired lifestyle a reality. It’s now 15 days since I wrote this, so everything should be falling neatly into place, right? Sorry, wrong!

You see not one thing has been straightforward. The rental, despite a couple of offers, is taking a while to sell, the boat languishes on the Trademe site waiting for a buyer, the job I applied for closed last Monday and I haven’t heard a dickey bird. Our own home will be finished inside early next week, but the outside? Well, the Weather Gods are laughing at us. Want to buy a swamp, anyone?

I am beginning to think the necessary changes will never happen and our new lifestyle is destined to remain just a dream.

The whole situation is so frustrating! With a capital F. You see, the man and I are ready to move on, but at the moment are stuck. And there is not much we can do about it besides wait.

Logically we know that the rental will sell, someone will decide our boat is exactly what they want,  I will hear one way or the other about the job, and winter will turn into spring.

Meanwhile the man and I are perfecting patience!

Making progress

Finally the man and I are doing something concrete towards making those changes I have gone on about over the last year. Yes, we are unburdening ourselves. We need to do this to move forward, you see.

And here’s how: we’ve put the rental we own with the daughter and her man on the market. It’s easy to say goodbye to this; being a landlord is not our cup of tea.

We’ve also listed the boat for sale. The monthly berthing fee went up an eye-watering amount and suddenly it no longer made any sense whatsoever to keep the boat.  Adios boat. Adios outgoings.

We are tarting our house up ready to sell. It’s coming together well.

Time to move on.  We’ve other cool things to do.

And what are they? A shift from Auckland is on the cards. Now this is a biggie. I have lived here all my life; the man most of his life. It is familiar. We know it like the back of our hands. The majority of our family and friends live here. They are important.

But still it feels right to move. However, we’ve set a limit: two hours max. from Auckland. So Whangarei, it is. This means our nearest and dearest can visit easily and us them.

We’ve started looking at real estate in the area, working out what we want. The man and I have a list. In no particular order, here we go: shed – not negotiable; house – low maintenance, 3 bedrooms minimum with a fire and two bathrooms, one for us and one for our visitors, thanks;  land – we’re flexible here, anything from half an acre (think hens, garden and small orchard) to three or so acres (add in an alpaca or two), sea – an easy commute; and lastly, proximity to city – close, please.

Luckily we have an excellent friend  who is a real estate agent in the area and he is on the case. Now, there’s a surprise!

And employment.* We need employment. The man has his own business. He can move it easily. Me? Well, I’ve started applying for jobs. Watch this space.

Yes, things are changing fast. Please fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight!


*Update: I am busy rewriting the book and after a few false starts, I think I have got the voice right. Phew!





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