On Saturday I got asked a question relating to my blog. A very difficult question. It was: “have you sold your car?”

I looked at the floor and mumbled, “No.” Now you know I have very publicly hummed and hawed about selling it in my musings, and here I was being put on the spot. Embarrassing!

Except it wasn’t. We have made up our minds. All things being equal, not only will my vehicle be sold, but the man’s will be too. We will replace it with one vehicle. Sharing, after all, is good!

The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is we want our new vehicle to be as new as possible and that requires a bit more saving; us being people who don’t like debt. And as I don’t like driving my husband’s beast as it is more akin to a tractor than a car, I will keep my batmobile until we can afford the replacement.

Which brings me to the next thing I have talked about: working less. All is in hand here too. I am on track with this. I have decided on a date that I will leave full time employment and it is less than the two years I originally said. And strangely enough, I am not worried at all about finding that part time job I think I will need to survive. It will work out.

Meanwhile, things are falling nicely into place. Firstly, the weekly outgoings are about to be reduced. The rental will be on the market in four weeks or so time. By selling this, we no longer have to find money each week to supplement the mortgage payment on it.

We have started looking at small lifestyle blocks with a house and a shed on it near Whangarei.*   We have always wanted to do the ‘good life’ thing and it does make sense for the man not to be paying rent on sheds, not to mention the reduction in travel costs and time. No contest between an half an hour drive and a 30 second walk.  It makes sense to time this move with my semi-retirement date – but best laid plans of mice and men and all that!

As for the boat – well at this stage we will keep it, and if we sell it, it will be to get a slightly smaller one . You see, the kids love it and we have great family times in it. We’ve decided you can’t put a dollar value on fun!

And lastly, what’s happening with the book? I think I have a big edit in front of me… nobody said it was going to be easy!

So, as you can see, we have lots of balls in the air at the moment as we put everything into place to make semi-retirement a reality.

We are, however, getting there!


*The plan is to rent the family home out for a couple of years and see if we like it. Who knows, we may decide we like city living better. Yes, we are keeping our options open!