Aah, so you thought I’d disappeared, didn’t you? Sorry, no such luck!

The reason I haven’t been bending your ear –  or whatever the blogging equivalent of this is – is that I have been pursuing that dream of mine. Yes, I am making it happen.  Now I could tell you what it is, but I won’t.  It’s simply not relevant to this story. Suffice to say that the finish is in sight.*

And this is the part that is amazing. Why?  Because for years I have procrastinated. Indeed, I had this down to a fine art. Yes, I made excuses. Lots of them.  So that I would never, ever have to begin.

And the amateur psychologist in me is pretty sure the reason I did this was that by never, ever beginning,  I could never, ever fail.

So what has changed? Well, maybe the time is right, or maybe I have grown up a bit, or maybe, just maybe, I finally truly believed that I could?


What I do know is that it’s not been hard at all!

*This is a beginning. After finishing the first one, it will be time to begin another one, then another one etc, etc!