Sometimes you meet someone who has totally sorted his or her life to work for them. The lifestyle they have chosen to live is a perfect match to who they are and as a result they enjoy every minute of it. Well, mostly – there is no such thing as always perfect in anyone’s life!

These people, I find, are a rare breed.  The lifestyle they choose to live can be decidedly quirky,  or it can be quite conventional. There are no rules here; rather it works for them because there is no disconnect between the actual life they live and the life they want to live. It is one and the same.

Bearing these thoughts in mind, the man and I are having some interesting conversations with a young couple. They have dreams of living off grid on a bit of land.  Their ideas for income range from working remotely in their professions and/or setting themselves up as boutique cheese makers. There is a proviso to this dream: they want this lifestyle to come at minimum financial cost. They have zip interest in being strapped with a huge mortgage for the next 30 years.

This antipathy towards debt has led to a lot of lateral thinking on the young couple’s part. They have discussed living initially in a bus, a converted shed or a hobbit house. The last one is their favourite.  Off grid, of course.

The man and I listen to these dreams. We nod wisely. And occasionally we can’t help ourselves and we put our twopence in. So what are these gratuitous pearls of wisdom?


Live the life you want to live.