It is almost eight o’clock on Sunday night, so the weekend is fast coming to its conclusion and before we know it, it’ll be Monday morning again and back to work.  As usual the two days off has whizzed by far too quickly. Don’t get me wrong, the man and I enjoyed it, despite the fact that it unfolded in an ‘organic’ way i.e. it just happened and we rolled with it.

Now this rather lackadaisical approach to how we use our weekends is OK once in a while, but becomes a bit of a concern if it becomes the norm. And become the norm it has again – yes, we improved for a while, but there has been slippage and we are often finding that after completing the household chores, we are not making the best use of the time left.  This is despite having lots of things that we will tell you that we would really, truly like to do over the two days off. The man and I will instead find ourselves defaulting to making plans at the eleventh hour, which without too much trouble degenerates into doing stuff that just fills in time.

I am not sure why this is: both the man and I are pretty organised at work, so we can do the planning bit when we need to. Certainly there are old habits coming into play here, but maybe it is more than this? Perhaps it is because while we are at work, we get busy and we don’t think about getting our weekend sorted and then it sort of creeps up on us and catches us by surprise?

Whatever the cause, the man and I need to address it (again), if we are going to get the most out of our precious leisure time. We need to take a proactive, not reactive approach to Saturday and Sunday (note the management speak here – thank you to my present and past employers for sending me on courses where I learned these terms).

The weekend will still fly by no doubt, but by remembering to put a tad more thought into the forward planning side, we will hopefully be doing more of the things we say we want to do. Needless to say, this new approach to time management will work splendidly well until the vagaries of life get in the way!  Sigh.