I have discovered that this blog does at times clarify options, not only for me but for others too. Who would have thought?

Yes, my ramblings have played a part in a reader deciding to sell her house, and rid herself of the mortgage. Now this sounds great, except she had no concrete plans about what she would do once she had sold and certainly no idea where she would live. There was, therefore, the distinct possibility that she would end up homeless. Ironically, she didn’t view me as someone who had unduly influenced her in a time of weakness; rather this calm woman appeared quite appreciative that my half-baked ideas had provided her with the impetus to kick the inertia into touch and make the changes to her lifestyle that she wanted. I should say ‘start to make the changes to the lifestyle’ – doing away with the mortgage was just the beginning; this woman had other grand schemes percolating away!

Now anyone who is friendly with me knows that I am a cautious soul. There would be no way I would do something as radical as she has done, rather I’d have analysed the idea of selling to death. Should I or shouldn’t I? Where would I live? Could I afford to make the move?  What if it doesn’t work out?  And another gazillion questions of similar ilk that would require answering before I’d even contemplate lifting the receiver to arrange for the real estate agent to give an appraisal, let alone actually list the property.

My reader is a different beast from me. She has absolute faith that she is doing the right thing and it will work out just fine for her. Thank you.

Although I shudder at her stepping off the cliff approach to change, I do admire her. There is never a perfect time to make changes, and overanalysing the what-ifs can just stop it in its tracks. Jumping off into the unknown (in my case ALWAYS with a parachute) is sometimes the best, indeed, only way forward.

As for my reader, I  wish her the best of luck in finding that new house and lifestyle. In the meantime, I have offered to let her camp in my back yard for as long as she needs. I felt this was the least I could do in the circumstances.