To achieve our aim of living simply is going to require examining every facet of the way we live. Simplifying will take time, I suspect.

I have some ideas: the first is the boat has to go. A boat you may ask? Yes, a 13.5 metre keel boat that a previous owner circumnavigated the world in, to be precise.  I know what you are thinking:  there’s a disconnect between living simply and owning a serious boat. You are right. The purchase price of the boat, marina fees and maintenance do not come cheap and certainly using it for about 20 days at the most per year makes not one iota of sense.

However, I want you to understand it was not bought as a luxury item; it was our home for two years. We got it with the idea that we would sail away. To pay for it we lived aboard and rented our house.  All good in theory, except I discovered I was a fair weather sailor. A flat, calm sea on a lovely summer’s day out sailing and I did fine; the minute the chop got up, mal de mer got me. And if I am being totally honest, when it got even a little bit rough, I got scared.  Not nice. Not  enjoyable.  The dream was ditched.

The boat will go on the market this summer.