After 38 years in the second oldest profession or so I have been told library work is and 55 years of living in the same city, I think I am in need of a change of lifestyle.

The above statement is scary to a creature of habit like myself, but I do believe that my life will not change unless I step outside the safe zone. After much thinking*, I have decided that the way towards my new life is one of small steps. I therefore will not be resigning my job tomorrow, or selling the house next week to head off without a plan to find my new lifestyle. No, this approach would do my head in; rather I have  given myself two years to change my life and live differently.

I have no idea what my new life will look like,  where it will be or what I will be doing. I know my needs in life are small: I have no interest in owning a flash car, a mansion or a private jet. I think this will work in my favour.

I am an admirer of the slow living, and tiny houses movements.  This should help achieve my dream too.

At the moment, I see my husband and myself living a very simple life by decreasing our outgoings to increase our quality of life. I’d like to reduce the hours of paid work I do so that I can have the time and energy to live more slowly, travel a bit and just be. The husband has similar dreams, but his come with the addition of a big shed, thank you.

I invite you through this blog to come on our journey to achieve our goal to live better by embracing a simpler, slower lifestyle.

* Creatures of habit tend to overthink things I believe and I certainly do